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HUATEC Group products are composed of all kinds of metal and non-metal testing equipment, such as:

- Portable hardness tester,

- Micro hardness tester

- Shore durometer

- Vickers hardness tester

- Rockwell hardness tester

- Brinell hardness tester

- Portable X-ray flaw detector

- Mobile X-ray flaw detector

- Real-time X-ray image flaw system

- Holiday detector

- Digital portable eddy current electrical conductivity meter

- Digital ultrasonic flaw detector

- Coating/painting thickness gauge

- Ultrasonic thickness gauge

- Vibration tester

- Surface roughness tester

- Profile projector, etc, 

Including all of their accessories such as ultrasonic transducer, test block, IQI, lead screen, density meter, film viewer etc.