New intelligent range of gauges with touch screens 



Manufacturing company MICROTECH was founded in Kharkiv in 1995. MICROTECH started manufacturing measuring instruments and precision machinery accessories with technical processes according to ISO 9001:2015 (BVQI) since 2004.

Each MICROTECH measuring instrument passes 100% metrological control during the manufacturing process and is calibrated and certified in their ISO 17025 accredited metrological laboratory. The computerized process control system in all manufacturing and metrological departments within the company allow for reduced defect rates in manufacture.

Since 2014 MICROTECH has developed and patented over 35 types of high-precision or non-standard measuring instruments. 

Most popular types are as follows:

- Force calipers with readability of 5 microns

- Tablet calipers and digital indicators with built-in electronics for      mathematical error compensation and multi-functional use.

- Caliper calculators with temperature compensation

- Transformer type micrometers with measuring range up to 10000 mm

- Transformer type bore gauges with measuring range up to 1000mm and depth measurement to 10000mm.

- Low energy calipers, height gauges, micrometers, indicators and bore gauges with wireless data output to Android, iOS or Windows PC (with new SPC software).

The industries that MICROTECH have been supplying over the past 23 years include the aviation, military, cosmic (space), railroad and machinery industry, and over 3000 private Ukrainian companies that require the measuring instruments with high stability and longevity.

MICROTECH has it's own research, design and IT departments,  that allow for the possibility of developing non-standard solutions to it's customers. They also cooperate with Ukrainian science and metrological universities in development projects, and with IT teams in software development.

MICROTECH has over 30 distributors Worldwide, and export instruments to Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Czech, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Lithuania, Belorussia, Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Saudi Arabia, India, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, South Africa, USA & Mexico.