Founded in 2010, ACCUD is a dedicated supplier of measuring instruments.

ACCUD's product line not only covers traditional gauges such as calipers, micrometers, dial gauges, indicators, height gauges, gauge blocks, but also covers high-technology measuring instruments like hardness tester, vision measuring machine, etc.

ACCUD products are mainly manufactured in Asia, and further selected according to strict quality criteria.

ACCUD products include the following: to view all the products please click here

Data output interface


Depth calipers

Height gauges

Outside micrometers

Inside micrometers

Micrometer stands

Depth micrometers

Depth indicators

Bore gauges

Linear gauges

Dial/digital indicators

Dial test indicators

Magnetic stands

Dial caliper gauge

Thickness gauge

Snap gauge

Gauge blocks

Pin gauges

Ring gauges

Plug gauges




Feeler gauges

Pitch gauges

Angle gauges

Radius gauge

Telescoping gauge Taper gauges

Welding gauges

Inside/outside calipers


Marking gauge

Straight edges

Digital scales

Granite surface plates


Granite squares

Centering holder

Zero sets

Measuring tool sets

Coating thickness gauges

Ultrasonic thickness gauges

Digital microscopes

Stereo microscopes


Profile projectors

Vision machines

Hardness testers

Roughness testers

Infrared thermometers

Laser distance meters

Force gauges

Torque wrenches

Torque screwdrivers

Torque meters